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2014 adVenture Fund Application

The 2014 AdVenture Fund Grant application is now open. Please click here to access the application.

The mission of the Jewish Federation of Monmouth County is to strengthen Jewish identity and the Jewish community in Monmouth County, the United States, Israel and the world. With that goal in mind, the adVenture Fund is an extension of our mission. We see the process as an opportunity to support programs that will enrich our local Jewish community Funding scope: New Jewish programs or projects, Jewish social ventures, one-time/time-limited programs or projects.

Why? The Jewish adVenture Fund is Federation’s incubator for innovative Jewish ideas in Monmouth County. The creation of this grant program is to inspire individuals, groups, and Jewish institutions in Monmouth County to create new programs or improve existing programs that will enrich Jewish life in Monmouth. The fund is modeled after a venture capital or angel investor concept, the fund invests in new and exciting projects but does necessarily cover the entire budget of a new program/idea.

Evaluation: Grants will be evaluated creativity (25%), impact (30%), and feasibility (25%), and buzz factor (20%).

Who? This grant program is designed to encourage creativity, collaboration, and new generations of Jewish program leaders in our community. Applicants do not need to be affiliated with a synagogue or Jewish institution to apply. However schools, synagogues, and Jewish institutions are encouraged to apply.

Limits? No institution is limited in how many grants they can apply for. That means if a Hebrew school director, cantor, and Men’s club of the same synagogue all want to apply for different grants, they are more than welcome to.

Possible areas of funding are:

  • Outreach
  • Social justice
  • Outreach to intermarried and/or unaffiliated families
  • Programs for young children
  • Youth groups
  • Jewish education
  • Community service
  • The Arts
  • Teens
  • Jewish programming from higher institutions of learning
  • Singles
  • Seniors

The goal of these grants is to fund programs and ideas that fall outside of Federation’s yearly allocation process.

The grant award will be between $500-$3000

If you receive a grant, you will be required to fill out an evaluation of your program once it is completed.

Completed applications MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN Friday, July 11, 2014

If you have any questions please contact:

Beth Krinsky, Co-Chair of adVenture Fund Committee 732-236-1650,

Holly Weiss, Co-Chair of adVenture Fund Committee, 732-580-1025,

Miriam Tennenbaum, Director of Community Impact, 732-866-4300 ext. 14,

Please click here to access the application.

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